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Our Committment To You!

Your Health Is As Important To Us As It Is To You!

We understand each patient is a unique individual... that each health concern is equally unique...and each spine is different because of the different stresses and types of injuries involved...

Therefore every patient needs specialized care to meet their concerns. We promise to find the cause of your problem first, and then take the best course of action to correct it.

We have helped patients that have suffered with:

* Headaches   *Migraines   * Neck Pains   * Spinal Canal Stenosis   * Fibromyalgia   
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome    * Restless Leg Syndrome   * Herniated Discs * Muscle strains   
* Pregnancy Related Back Pains   * Sciatica   * Scoliosis   * Arthritis   * Osteoarthritis
* Sacroiliac Dysfunction   * Auto Immune Disorders   * Thoracic Outlet Syndrome   * Low back pain
* Chronic Pain Conditions    * Chronic Pharmaceutical Pain Medicine Utilization


Back X-RayThe Power That Made The Body―Heals The Body!
Chiropractic adjustments reduce effects of stress, promote healing and balance, and keep any weak links in your health strong and problem free.




Live Happier, Healthier, Longer!
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portraitYour Chiropractor is the only doctor trained in the intricacies of spinal biomechanics, with the know-how to restore normal nerve function, the natural way to lasting health.


Dr. Kandace T. Michael
and Dr. Joseph C. Michael


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