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Our Care

What happens during my visit?

Waiting Room
The first visit usually lasts about 45 minutes to one hour. Dr. Michael will go through a thorough consultation to find out the origin and root of your problems.  Next, during your exam, he will test the extent of your spinal mobility; focusing on range of motion, static palpation, pain & tenderness, and joint/muscle swelling. Dr. Michael may also perform various diagnostic, orthopedic, static, and muscle tests as well as x-rays when indicated, to rule in and rule out other possible conditions. When it is appropriate for care to begin, (either the first or second visit depending upon the complexity of your condition) he will inform you on the type of chiropractic techniques to be used regarding the adjustments your body needs.

Although the high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust (Diversified Technique) is the most common technique, Dr. Michael may use other treatments, including Activator, Thompson, or other Advanced Bio-structural corrective techniques depending upon your requirements as a patient. 95% of the time Dr. Michael's patients usually report a dramatic reduction in pain within the first few  visits, however, depending on your condition it may take longer and you may experience some minor aches, stiffness, or tiredness for a day or so after your first adjustment as your body responds to the new alignment and starts the healing process. (Again this is dependant upon the complexity of the degeneration occurring).


Kid Patient adjusting kid little patient adjusting kid's head lifting little patient

Whether you’re a child or adult as a patient of Dr. Michael’s he will help you achieve improved health through Chiropractic Functional Endocrinology. 
Most adult patients have been able to report feeling five to ten years younger after completing spinal care correction with our office.

adult adjustment x-ray adult neck adjustment Dr. Michael shows patient x-rays

Dr. Michael may use in house radiography if necessary in your case to help proceed with certainty about your condition. He uses neurologic testing and functional
assessments to assist in the detection and correction of spinal distortions

What is a report of findings?

Once Dr. Michael has thoroughly gone over your case presentation; he will then let you know what is needed for you to get healthy as quickly and safely as possible. Usually on your second visit, you will have your report of findings. This is a scheduled time when you will find out exactly what is going on, and be able to ask any questions you might have from your first visit.

How long does it take?

This is dependent on the type of problem and how long it has been there. Because you are uniquely different so might your problem. There is no cookbook on health. However, during your report of findings, Dr. Michael can prepare a written report that will give you an approximate schedule of care needed if you wish.

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